Dash Camera or Action Cam?

Dash Camera or Action Cam?

tooth and shoe brush

 Dash Camera or Action Cam? Which one should you choose?

Just for a moment, think of a dash camera as a toothbrush, and an action cam as a shoe brush. And then ask yourself: • “How often do I brush my teeth?” • “How often do I polish my shoes?”

So…? How often do you use a toothbrush compared to a shoe brush? If you’re going on an overnight trip (or longer), would you rather pack a toothbrush, or a shoe brush? We’d bet you use a toothbrush more often than a shoe brush, and you would rather pack the toothbrush than the shoe brush. Will you buy only a shoe brush that you use once a week (or less) on shoes, but yet expect to brush your teeth with it 14 times a week? NO! They are different products with different uses. So what do you do? You buy the right product for the right job, but if you can’t have both, then you need to prioritise. First, get what you need and use most often (the toothbrush) and then get what you want, or use less often (the shoe brush). Seems simple, doesn’t it? Just like a toothbrush and a shoe brush are two different products, so are a dash camera and an action cam. They have different purposes, uses and benefits. How often do you participate in events where you would seriously need an action cam? Do you happen to drive there in your car? :-)   How much time do you spend driving to and from work? Doesn’t it seem a foregone conclusion that you should first get the equipment that could protect you on a daily basis? Don’t you think it’s time you get your dash camera from dashcamera.co.za or one of its retail partners today?

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