Benefits & Uses

Benefits & Uses

Top 5 reasons why you should have a Dash Cam (dashboard camera).

Protection against "Crash for Cash" schemes.

"Crash for cash" is where a person intentionally causes an accident, but makes it look like it's your fault and that they're the "innocent victims". While you may not be able to avoid being sued, you would at least have substantial evidence to defend against their claim. Furthermore, these incidents could lead to fraudulent claims being lodged with the Road Accident Fund. If you witness / record a suspicious accident, or are aware of fraudulent claims, these can be reported to the RAF.

Accident Evidence

Have you ever been the innocent victim in an accident? Were you accused that you caused the accident? PROTECT YOURSELF NOW! Some people have said that they've been hit from the side, so how is a dash camera going to help? Well, sometimes it's about what you did not do, rather than what the other driver did. For example: You're stopped at a red traffic light which then turns green and you drive off. You then get hit from the side, but the driver later claims that you jumped your red light. How can he or his insurance company argue that you were at fault if you can clearly prove that you did not drive through a red light?


In certain countries it seems to be common practice that insurance companies give their clients a discount on their premiums if they have a dash camera installed. We believe that a dash camera can substantially reduce the time and costs it takes to finalise a claim, especially when the circumstances leading to an accident is unclear. Insurance companies should be able to save significant time and costs in legal and investigative fees and we hope that they will pass these cost savings on to their clients in some form. So if you are an insurance company or broker and you do offer these discounts, please contact us so that we can publish your details.

Road Rage

Recent events have once again highlighted the need for evidence collection. The dash camera will keep on recording as long as there is power to the unit from the cigarette lighter socket, so there's no need to try and capture evidence on a mobile phone….keep concentrating on your driving and your safety.


Doing a fun and exciting 4x4 driver's course in rugged conditions? Doing an advanced driver course and want to record some exciting skid control action? Record your scenic nature drive….hands free!

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